Supporting the foundation

Why ?

  • in order to support medical research dedicated to biomarker discovery and validation 
  • in order to contribute to the improvement of diagnosis, prognosis and treatments of cardiovascular, neurological, infectious and digestive diseases
  • in order to contribute to the development of laboratory medicine and participate to the development of personalized healthcare for individualized and precision medicine

  • in order to promote translational research

  • in order to support the biomedical staff to carry out research projects in Switzerland

We guarantee

  • a rigorous selection of the submitted projects as well as their follow-up by the scientific commission 

  • transparency in the awarding and management of donations with the supervision of the Federal Department of the Interior (DFI)

  • donation certificates (from 50 CHF) at the end of the year
    (Donations are tax deductible in accordance with federal and cantonal laws.) 

  • protection and confidentiallity of all informations relating to donors
    (The foundation protects the anonymity of donors who request it.)

  • publication of the annual report of activities, accounts and balance sheets